Raised in Bedford, Nova Scotia, TJ moved to Indian Harbour for the final two years of high school. His parents (Tom & Donna) had purchased an abandoned captain’s house where they opened Rogues Gallery for his mother to paint and sell her artwork. The move to rural Nova Scotia was a shock at the time, but it sparked TJ’s interest in the area’s rugged landscape. In his teens, TJ developed interests in architecture and city planning and went on to pursue a career in planning and design. While enrolled in urban planning at college and university, TJ focused multiple projects on Indian Harbour, studying the natural, built, and cultural landscapes.

To further his training in urban design, TJ travelled to various courses in Canada, the United States, Finland, Jordan, and Syria. While in Finland in 2010, TJ met Finnish photographer Raimo Sundelin, known for his wildlife work and passion for the Archipelago Sea in Western Finland. Raimo's work inspired TJ, by pushing for the conservation of an important natural environment. Also in 2010, TJ met university professor, photographer, and Indian Harbour resident, Roger Morin. Roger motivated TJ to enter the world of Single Lens Reflex (SLR) photography and introduced him to the work of renowned photographer, Bryan Peterson. Since then, TJ has joined Bryan Peterson on photography workshops in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia and Paris, France.

TJ currently lives in Halifax and works professionally as an Urban Designer. He prides himself in understanding the local environment and designing places for people that are attractive, interactive and context-sensitive. Inspired by Raimo, TJ strives to combine his interest for natural and human landscapes with the art of photography.

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